Existing Conditions Drafting | Project Summary 3

Existing conditions drafting is the act of drawing (i.e. drafting) field measurements that were taken of an existing structure. In other words, it’s the act of creating existing conditions drawings.

This blog post is my third project summary, as part of an on-going series of blog posts that I’m doing under the category of project summaries. The posts are for prospective clients who may find the information and samples useful as estimating tools, or just as a way to acquaint themselves with my drafting services.

This third project that I’m covering today was one that I did this past June. the subject is a residential house located in New Jersey. I’m based in New York City, but I take on projects outside of the NYC area.

Project Summary
Item Description
Type and Location: Three story residential house located in New Jersey.
Client: Housing Investor
Scope: Create basic floor plan drawings of the first, second and third floors of the house.
Area: 4,557 sq. ft.
Was the space occupied with tenants?: No. The house was vacant.
Access Restrictions: No.
Field Measuring Time: 6hr-51m
Field Setup and Breakdown Time: 30m
CAD Drafting Time: 7hr
Total Travel Time: 3hr-30m
Misc. Time: 1hr
Crew Size: 1 man
Equipment Used: Hand held laser, tape measure, camera (optional), pens, pencils, eraser, paper and foam board.
Comments: This house had been through an interior fire, so it could not have been drawn by measuring the space while drafting the measurements directly into an onsite laptop. Therefore the measurements were written down on field sketches, and then drafted at another time.Furthermore, even though this house had suffered some interior fire damage, it was pretty easy to measure and draft. It did not have terribly complicated geometry, interior details, nor was it very much out of square.

Existing conditions drafting sample.
Existing conditions drafting sample.
In Closing

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