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HVAC Shop Drawings

Are you an HVAC contractor who needs shop drawings? If yes, then I can help you. Because I create ductwork and piping shop drawings.


My name is Brian M. Curran. Since 2007 I've run my drafting service business in NYC.

I have great People, a great Process, and a great Product (i.e. great shop drawings). Let me explain a little about each.

My People - Who Will Serve You

I have a small team of drafters, and two of them specialize in duct shop drawings. To date we've completed a number of ducting and piping projects around the US.

My Process - That Will Make Your Life Easy

I understand that you as a contractor want your drafting service to:

Promptly answer your calls/emails, is reliable, will give you realistic turnaround times, has years of experience, and has more than one drafter so your shops get done quickly.

I can provide you with this level of service.

My Product - (i.e. my Shop Drawings) That Will Make Your Projects Succeed

We create duct, sprinkler, and piping shops for commercial and residential projects. We know the HVAC trade. From duct and pipe insulation thicknesses, to duct branches, to duct segment lengths (i.e. duct cut lengths), and etc. So the shops I create for you will be correct. This will make your projects succeed.

Sample Drawings

At this point you may want to see some sample drawings.

My team is finishing drawings weekly. If you visit the draftingservices.com Instagram profile, then you will see some current samples mixed amongst a variety of completed drafting projects. And below are some samples you can click on.

hvac shop drawings Here is a mechanical shop drawing sample in PDF format. The drawings were drafted in AutoCAD ®. Click image to launch PDF.
duct shop drawings Here is another sample of duct shop drawings in PDF format. Click image to launch PDF.

Why don't you make your life a little easier by choosing me to do your drafting? I could put my skills to work for you.

Call me now at: 718.441.3968. Or email me now at: brian@draftingservices.com

Clients Have Commented

... Thank you many many times for completing all this work so fast. Jay E. Butler, PE, February 26, 2009

... with all the great work you have done for us. Nolan R. Rogers, Turner Construction Company, April 8, 2010

... Thanks for the fast work. Adele Finer, AIA, LEED AP, July 28, 2010