Free NVIDIA Computer Graphics Card


Back in October of 2010 I bought a Quadro FX 580 graphics card for my then new computer. I paid $160 for it, and eventually determined that it wasn’t compatible with my Dell Inspiron 560 computer.

At first I thought the card was defective, so I returned it and NVIDIA replaced it with a refurbished card. No dice on the second try too, and that’s when I decided it wasn’t compatible with my machine. It was supposed to be, but it wasn’t.

So, this card has been sitting in its package for two years now. If someone wants it, then he can have it. That person would just have to pay the shipping cost.

There is a UPS office around the corner from me, and they said I could drop off the package along with the billing information of the receiving party. UPS would call the receiving party for payment on the shipping. I’d say the package weighs about two pounds.


If you’re interested in my offer, then just let me know in the comments below. I’ll contact you via the email address that you use to comment.


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