Rent AutoCAD or Revit

Yes, you can now rent AutoCAD LT!! Okay, it’s only the LT version, but that should be good enough for many people’s needs. Here’s how you can rent it.

AutoCAD LT can be rented by renting the AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite. It’s contained within this suite. The link to rent it can be found here:

AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite (monthly rental license with auto-renewal)

And yes Revit LT can be rented too!! Once again, okay I know it’s only the LT version. But maybe that’s all you need!? The link to rent the AutoCAD Revit LT Suite can be found here:

AutoCAD Revit LT Suite (monthly rental license with auto-renewal)

For obvious reasons renting instead of purchasing could be the best fit for certain individuals or companies. Knock yourself out if renting works for you!!

Autodesk has a number of other suites that can be rented. Here is a link to all of Autodesk’s Rental Plan Pricing:

Autodesk’s Rental Plan Pricing


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