Top CAD Blogs of 2013

This is my third annual “Top CAD Blogs” post! Just like last year, I’ve lumped all different “flavors” of CAD blogs (AutoCAD vs. Revit vs. Inventor vs. etc.) together. I also eliminated blogs that were inactive or highly commercial.

Once again I ranked the top CAD blogs according to Alexa’s Global Traffic Rank. Alexa explains that their traffic rank is a measure of a site’s popularity. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and page views is ranked #1.

Also, the websites that qualified for consideration:

  1. Had an Alexa listing.
  2. Were websites that were structured primarily as a CAD blog.
Top CAD Blogs of 2013

I considered seventy (70) blogs, and listed them in table format below. The two charts that I’ve included display the top twenty five (25) blogs.

Here’s the pie chart of the top 25.

Here’s the bar chart of the top 25.

In tabular form, the Alexa Global Traffic Ranks for the seventy (70) blogs are as follows:

Top CAD Blogs Alexa Global Traffic Rank
1. 254,049
2. 456,183
3. 477,563
4. 562,505
5. 567,961
6. 775,795
7. 787,990
8. 904,917
9. 1,095,949
10. 1,186,986 1,207,877 1,245,177 1,277,480 1,350,431 1,409,905 1,440,771 1,516,439 1,564,781 1,712,953 1,950,753 1,952,281 1,965,224 2,318,058 2,494,290 2,503,894 2,657,531 2,701,328 2,887,952 2,942,717 3,071,244 3,209,962 3,488,964 3,522,642 3,532,836 3,625,174 4,160,550 4,185,264 4,400,530 4,788,016 5,208,309 5,609,974 5,685,492 6,062,031 6,391,672 6,528,931 7,025,204 7,428,634 7,525,668 7,962,232 8,722,057 8,952,202 9,651,450 9,857,258 10,307,176 10,558,825 11,217,505 13,174,747 13,491,529 16,678,075 17,080,451 19,081,770 19,836,157 22,297,039 23,266,124 24,511,584 25,020,747 no data no data no data no data

This year the competition for the top CAD blog was a good one. There is a new king, and the battle for position #2 became a tight one. Let’s congratulate Edwin Prakoso for his impressive move to the position of the #1 CAD Blog with his blog!! Congrats Edwin!!


And as I mentioned, there was a close race for position #2, between last year’s first and second place holders. This year Jimmy Bergmark was hot on the heels of Shaan Hurley. Congrats to Shaan though, because he pulled out second place with his blog Way to go Shaan!!


And congrats to Jimmy, for securing third place with his blog!!



That’s it for 2013!

If I’ve missed your website, then my apologies! Please leave your site in the comments below, and I’ll include it the next time around.


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